1st Gear Driver Academy

📷 What Some Of Our Past Pupils Say.......📣

We take great pride, enjoyment and satisfaction in training all our pupils, past and present. Driving is an important life skill and we always strive to get the very best out of the pupils to make them the very best drivers they can be. (Safe Driving Life Skills)

Ernesto Stato  (A.K.A. THE STIGGY)        
 "I learned to drive at 1st Gear Driver Academy! If he can teach me, he can teach anybody. Wonderful vrooom vrooom!"

 Ed McElhinney (Dungiven)

Ed passed his driving test with ZERO driving faults!     "Many thanks to Raymond for helping me pass my test, was always good craic heading out on the lessons. Gony miss the craic way ye big guy! Thanks again for everything Raymond, I'd recommend this man to anyone"!

 Vanessa Guicciardi (Claudy) 
Vanessa is from Panama (South America) Her 1st language is Spanish.
Vanessa passed her driving test 1st time!
"Many thanks to Raymond for the excellent driving lessons, I have my test at the first time and I couldn't do it without your help, you helped me with my confidence, and also for the great help with the theory test as well, you are the best driving instructor, Highly Recommended"

 Johnny O'Dwyer (Foreglen)

"If your looking for a driving instructor then look no further than Raymond! Thoroughly enjoyed my time with him on lessons and would recommend him to anybody, all the best in the future Raymond"

Rachael Gilliland (Eglinton) "Thanks to 1st Gear Driving Academy I passed my driving test, first time! I couldn't have done it without the guidance, help and patience of Raymond. I was very nervous but thankfully with Raymond's reassurance i was put at ease! Also the extra help for my theory test made a huge impact! I would recommend 1st Gear Driver Academy to everyone"!

  Paul Sharkey (Craigbane)

Paul was only home from University for a few weeks during the summer. Paul passed 1st time!            "Thanks to Raymond I was able to get the test whilst home from Uni for the summer! He's the man if any1 else is looking to do the same or just learn in their own time"!

Laura Duffy(Claudy)  
"Thankyou so much Raymond for getting me through my test successfully first time:)!! Highly recommended for learner drivers!!"

   MeganFarren (Claudy) "Thankyou very much for helping me past my test 1st time, any1 booking lessons I recommend Raymond Polley and 1st Gear Driver Academy!"

Laura McKeever (Claudy)  "thanks to Raymond I passed my driving test first time, he was a Brilliant teacher and had great patience. highly Recommended"!

  Bobby Crumley (Park)   "Thanks Raymond for teaching me how to drive and passing my test 1st time. Honestly one of the soundest and most patient men i know, miss the craic with you, would recommend Raymond to anyone looking to take lessons for the first time or for confidence boosting."

Stephanie Irwin(Dungiven)  "Well Ray, can't believe I passed the test the day first time thanks for the help way the test and the theory wouldn't of done it without you, going to miss the craic on a friday and your singing too lol, would recommend 1st Gear Driver Academy to anyone, thanks a million"

  Jordan Hone (Claudy)    "Many thanks to Raymond and 1st Gear Driver Academy for helping me pass the test. Raymond, you're one of the most soundest men about and am going miss the crack out on my lessons. Would highly recommend Raymond to everyone looking to start driving."

Joe Kerlin (Claudy)  
"thanks for all the help Raymond getting me through the test I'd recommend you to anyone starting driving. thanks."

  Aiden Murphy (Feeny)  "Thanks Raymond for helping me along the way , your a great teacher and even better craic , definitely recommend you as an instructor thanks a lot Raymond"


Aaron Donaghy (Claudy)           Odhran McCloskey (Claudy)


Aine Barry (Feeny)                    Aine McCloskey (Claudy)


Andrew Grieves (Claudy)         Barry Conway (Claudy)


Carolyn Burke (Foreglen)         Ciaran McKeever (Claudy)


Conor Donaghy (Claudy)          Conor Feeny (Slaughmanus)


Eimear Barry (Feeny)                   Gareth Grieves (Claudy)

Eimear was a wee bit older when she passed


James Curran (Derry)               Kieran Brolly (Claudy)


Maria Kelly (Claudy)                  Niall Cartin (Claudy)


Owen Kealey (Feeny)                Paul Kerrigan (Claudy)


Rachel McIvor (Ballykelly)         Rory Barnes (Slaughmanus)


Sana Proudman (Claudy)          Shane McGahon (Derry)


Stephen Chi (Derry)                  Graham Grieves (Claudy)                                                                     The hatrick of brothers

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