1st Gear Driver Academy

✌ A Wee Bit More From The Past Pupils.....

 Ciara Tunney (Claudy)      "passed my driving test 1st time!! thanks to Raymond Polley, best driving instructor about, would recommend him to everyone!!!"

Sean Hone (Claudy) 

"Delighted to say I've passed my driving test, big thanks to Raymond Polley and 1st Gear Driver Academy for being understanding with my difficult schedule... an excellent instructor that I would heavily recommend to anyone."

 Shauna Crossan (Craigbane)  "Big thanks to Raymond Polley for helping me pass my driving test. Would totally recommend!"

Caoimhe Barry (Feeny)

"Woohoo passed the test!! big thanks to Raymond Polley on helping me get it, great instructor and would defo recommend him even with all his 'funny' jokes and singing during lessons"


Roisin McLaughlin (Claudy)    Cora McCloskey (Claudy)

 Kirsty Deegan (Derry)           "Just got my licence in the post and the R plates have been purchased! Again I would like to thank Raymond Polley and 1st Gear Driver Academy for putting up with me and helping me pass lol! Would recommend him to anyone. See yous on the road" 

Tina Friel (Derry)

"Passed my driving test today 1st time. Would like to thank my instructor Raymond Polley 1st Gear Driving Academy for everything, would recommend you to anyone. We had a great laugh as well. .‪#‎feeling proud ‪#‎best instructor"

 Nicole McFeely (Claudy)  "PASSED MY DRIVING TEST all thanks to Raymond Polley best driving instructor about, would deffs recommend !!!"

Fionain Smith (Claudy)

"Thanks to driving instructor Raymond Polley for helping me past my test first time! Would recommend him to anyone  www.1stgeardriveracademy.co.uk"

 Laura Devine (Feeny)  "Celebrations last night since I've passed my driving test at long last... I'm only about 5 years behind everybody else haha! Huge thanks to Raymond Polley for putting up with me and actually getting me my license at long last!!! Thanks so much again!"

 Daire White (Claudy)

"PASSED THE TEST Big thanks to Raymond Polley and 1st Gear Driver Academy!!"

 Erin O'Kane (Claudy)        "Ahhh JUST PASSED THE TEST sooo happy all thanks to Raymond Polley the no1 driving instructor!!!

Marie O'Neil (Claudy) 

"Would highly recommend Raymond Polley, brilliant driving instructor! Thanks a million !!"

 Daniel Biernat (Claudy)   "Passed the test first time. Great thanks to Raymond Polley."


Emma McCloskey (Claudy) 

All thanks to Ray Polley for putting up with me and getting me through it first time! Happy woman



Dylan Cooke (Derry)                 Johnny Leslie (Claudy)


Aiden Burke (Foreglen)             Martin Henry (Dungiven)

 Shauna O'Connor (Claudy)   "Big thanks to Raymond Polley, for being an outstanding driving instructor. Learning to drive has never been a more enjoyable experience. Would recommend 1st Gear Driver Academy to anyone looking to take up lessons!"

Ruaira Kelly (Claudy)

"Passed the test ! Thanks Ray Polley great instructor!!"

 Rebecca Doherty (Clauedy)   "Big thanks to Raymond for getting me through the test first time! Would recommend him to anyone" 


Odhran McCloskey (Claudy)       Tylor Cartin (Claudy)

Conor Devine (Dungiven)  "Wanted to say thanks again Raymond for helping me pass my driving test, Great teacher will miss the crack lad"

  Shannon Murphy (Feeny)  "Thanks very much Raymond for helping me pass my test first time round! Great teacher will miss the craic and the singing on a thursday morning lol!"

Rory Archibald (Feeny "Thanks very much Raymond, got through the test first time, would recommend you to anyone!"


  Colleen Ward (Claudy)       "Best driving instructor about! Just passed my test thanks to this man!! Thank you so so much Raymond" 

Matthew McLaughlin (Claudy) "If anybody needs an instructor then this is your man, Ray Polley"

 Conall White (Claudy)